Licensed Manufacturer and Exclusive Distributor of SealMaster® Products in Canada

Canadian Shield Pavement Preservation Products Ltd. is the exclusive Canadian manufacturer and licensed distributor of SealMaster® high performance eco-friendly asphalt and concrete maintenance products. Repair, protect and beautify your driveway, parking lot, runway, street or tennis court. Our industry leading surface treatments, crack fillers, and traffic paints are easy to use, and our tools and equipment will get the job done with an emphasis on quality, safety, detail and performance.

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A Permanent, Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Patch!

Picked #1 by Consumer Reports!

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We are hiring - sales staff in Southern Ontario!

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  1. Salesperson - Southern Ontario.

  1. Experienced Sealcoat Applicators.

  1. AZ Drivers.

  1. General Labour.

  1. Supervisor.

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Our Newest Product in Stock!

  1. Eco-friendly binder reacts and hardens with only water-no toxic solvents.

  2. Aquaphalt is laid directly from its container - no need to mobilize crews and equipment.

  3. Minimize roadway disruptions with no need for special preparations.

  4. Pre-mixed and permanent - Aquaphalt is a one-time fix.

Other Great Crack Fillers:

FlexMaster® Crack Filler

Seals cracks up to 1/2″ wide in asphalt or concrete. Remains flexible at low temperatures.

Pourable Crack Sealant

An economical cold pour crack     filler rubberized for added flexibility. Recommended for cracks up to     1/2″ wide.

Trowel Grade Crack Filler

High Performance

Fortified with mineral fillers for filling

larger cracks up to 1″ wide.